RIS-SPORTNAUTIK Ltd. is established in 1961. As leading factory of rubber based products in BiH, we started production of inflatable boats in 1975. On market, those boats were known as MAESTRAL, BOAT U.S. and SEAWORTHY.
Our boats can be recognised on many rivers, lakes and seas worldwide. There are many satisfied customers in several countries such as UK, Croatia, USA, Slovenia, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Italy, SCG and many other. Back in eighties, we were world leading producer of inflatable boats. Our experience is key of high quality. However, our prices are still lower than our competitors.Your dreams now came truth.

From our production we can also offer:

+ Special and universal glues based on natural and sintetic rubber
+ light rubber clothes for medical purposes and safety clothes for army and police
+ Heavy rubber clothes for inflatable boats
+ Special products of heavy rubber clothes
+ Rubber foil up to 5mm thickness with or w/out cloth
+ Different rubber products